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Fighting fiah!

action shotCollapse )Lil Britts in blue and me in my yellows on the 1 1/2 line.

In the month of July, already

Shelbey Laine Ingalls
Happy 12th Birthday to my beautiful little sister.
Today I realised how much she has changed. It feels like only yesterday we were scratching eachother and biting eachother! Love you Katanna!

My big kids turned 12 and 14 in June... my tall handsome son is now just about 6 ft and my tall gangly sweet bluebird KK is wearing mascara. I am filled with joy watching my smart, hilarious and caring children make their way through adolescence. I love spending time with them, they are amazing.

My medium kids finished school for the year, Indy finishing grade 2 with good grades, strong french vocab and solid friends. She was described as a perpetually happy and creative girl with a kind word for each of her fellow students. Her teacher this year was awesome, a male, who lead them through scientific and results based projects and taught them to study outcomes. A city bus trip to the bowling alley in the last week was a blast, even if I couldn't stay out of the gutter. (typical)

My baby boy made it through the most difficult year of his life, Kindergarten. I love my baby so so much, I've spent so much time in the classroom trying to help ground him and keep him on the right track. I'm so fortunate that I work nights and on call that I can be at the school each day. I've been touched by the kids in his class as they grew into independent students this year. I am so thankful for a maternal teacher that spoke to Marlin with love and kindness. We still seek educational support for him next year and we have decided that moving him out of French Immersion would be detrimental to his growth so far. This summer will uncover more information about Mar's health.

Work is good, I love my work girls, our regulars, Nicks virgin mango mojitos. Fire has been incredible, as the Chief posted this morning:
"Wow! busy few days for us. Four structure type calls in the past 8 days. Kitchen fire, licensed marijuana grow operation fire with structural damage, garage fire and smoke in hospital last night (FFs had to break open a wall), vehicle fire a couple of days ago. Add a few first responders and Duty Officer calls and...."

Adam is settling well into his new role of GM at the Naniamo Fastenal store. We have always wanted to live in Naniamo, now that bigger picture isn't so far away. One more year in Comox to establish Marlin's education, and finish up all of my NFPA extras and we will plan accordingly.

In the meantime, the in between time: kids and I are off to the lake in the jeep <3


Apr. 9th, 2013

Code 3 grind in one month. Ran today on air at 3 min. Then flipped tires all over the place. Train for life!

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Broken this, life changing that

Casted and crutched after rolling my ankle at volleyball last week. Shouldn't be too long, it's a fancy air cast that comes off in the shower and at night. Ankle rolled and I cracked the bottom of my fibula. Thanks to being in great shape and warmed up, my ankle softly turned and there is virtually no tendon or muscle damage, minimal swelling and bruising. Mad that my workouts are on hold (until I crutch up those muthafuckin stairs) but using these bad boys to swing my body around Naniamo is a great workout.

In light of my unexpected time off I had my laser surgery bumped up to tomorrow. I am a perfect candidate for the wavefront LASIK, which I am getting tomorrow. I am brave and excited And have waited so many years for this, but my body is scared and my tummy is in knots. Having a broken ankle dosent help, I haven't slept well since last Tuesday. (I flex my legs in the night)

Lots of study time though, FD loaned me a laptop and I've been killing the remaining chapters in my Essentials 5. Ooh check out our pro ff patches for when we complete our 1001s....

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And also a fun screenshot from my recent fame.

Lol :)

Scary week. Waiting for that phone call from NFR and burning out my eyezzzzz omggggg.

:) it all changes this week.

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Jan. 14th, 2013

Cause you can't knock the hustle :)

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My first news appearance


Because of this my chief is sending me to Vancouver for a "public relations" course (JIBCs Informations Officer qualifications) and I will be a new media contact for Our Fire Dept.

Super excited.

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Rapid intervention team

11 hour structure fire. Home was 92 years old, two stories with an attic and on ground basement. No injuries, total loss.

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Raggety Ann

I'm feeling ragged! Long work shifts, lots of pages. Vehicle fire, structure fire, chimeny fire and various FR calls. Late nights, christmas parties and two module tests in one month. I need a vacation! Christmas will fly by and January will grind to a halt I'm sure.

Exciting call I got on my voicemail yesterday; from the City of Nanaimo. Probably the most exciting employment callback I've received since I got my call for the Fire Dept interview. This one is for Fire Dispatch. Finger toes and eyes crossed!

Merry Christmas everyone <3 Much love!


Me hungry

Growing muscle is tiring and makes me so darn hungry. Tonight I made the best shrimp fried rice ever. That is all.

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"Real" firefighter

My son recently had a discussion with his father (my evil ex) about weather or not his mom was/is a "real" firefighter. I also recently got into this arguement with a drunk guy at work that left me fuming.

Of course I am a real firefighter! I wear a pager, take shifts, have personalized turnouts and a hook with my name on it. I belong to the Echo section of the black platoon and answer to first my Lieutenant and then my Captain. I am a medical responder as well, and respond to Charlie, Delta and Echo matrix calls which are the more serious calls, to assist the BC Amlulance Service. I am only a few modules away from being blessed with my Proboard IFSTA NFPA 1001 national Professional Firefighter 1 & 2 Certification. I have my Auto ex, hazmat ops, Occupational first aid level 3, Live Fire and First Responder 3 with spinal and AED endorsements.

Most importantly (to my ex) YES. I am paid. Paid on call. Which makes me eligible for that fat firefighter tax credit that took that chunk out of my income that made me ineligible to pay you the child support that you never paid me.

Tonight I am on First Responder standby. My little son and husband who sleep with me enjoy my fire rescue tshirt, pants and pager that will inevitably sound a piercing beep, at which time I will head to the hall in a sleepy state, receive the call from fire dispatch and put on my turn out pants. Grab the address, a radio and head off in the direction of someone having a potential heart attack, stroke or worse. Perhaps it will be an alarm activation, in which case I will join the rest of my sleepy crew in gearing up in our extensive life-saving gear, fight for the most exciting seats on the Engine or Ladder truck and don our masks, and SCBA so that we may be ready to grab an attack line and SAVE YOUR LIFE!

So, yeah. I don't know. What do you think? What is a "real" firefighter?


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Train for LIFE

Simulated LPG fire. Watch out for blevy!!

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Fire attack weekend

The girls!!! Fire attack certification.

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Plus an updated pic

Shooting a commercial for my work- The Prime Chophouse and wine bar

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Nov. 2nd, 2012

Also, this Halloween, especially after all the juicing I've been doing, I'm as sensitive as ever to nuts. Boo to having a few days of feeling rotten, and it being my own fault.

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Friday in the November

Lots to say, but I never sit down at the computer and I'm terrible at typing on the iPhone. You will only ever understand half of what I'm trying to say. Haha!

Struggling against the rainy season I am finding solace in the heavy lift, infrared sauna and the protection of my filthy-ass turnout gear.

One of the gym regulars indicated over my headphones that I had "big muscles". He must have been joking! But no, I was snatching 60lb dumbbell and Adam said recently "I've never seen you with pipes like this..." Progress is sweet and comes when after you feel none.

Infrared confessional is our therapy. Spill your guts and your sweat. Never repeat.

Filthy ass turnouts wearing thin as we start to see the light of our NFPA 1001 firefighter 1 & 2. New recruits started last week an we were giddy with the promotion. Lt. Told me he heard of us getting our custom turnouts soon. Live fire on the 17/18th and then just cleaning up our last few tests and the big one. It's been a long haul and we've lost more than half our class but we are almost there!

I finally feel comfortable in my turn outs, safe. Protected, instead of a useless marshmallow.

Friday: afternoon fire practice, crossfit, pick up my big kids from school then work!


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Auto Extrication 2012

I ripped this door off myself. I used a pneumatic chisel, then a power ratchet to undo the bolts. I used a recip saw to tear the back door off them unbolted the seatbelt coloumn. All tools hooked up to o2 with regulator for power.

The best was the spreader, cutter and combi. Aka "the jaws of life".

This is my favourite course to date.

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Stairs + ocean dip

Life is so beautiful.

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kimmy kim chemo

I wanted to add that it's so good to see Kimmy so much. The weekend before last I was on summer standby so she came ove rfor a sleepover, brought the kids and we stayed up late watching old VHS of our fight days, old tournaments and ring fights. The next day I gave her kids a tour through the fire hall and they were stoked. Love this girl for all we've seen, all we've bene through and how strong our bond is. <3


Bad bitches, champagne wishes

Life is good.

Kids are all loving school, Shelbey is growing a mustache and Marlin has an awesome teacher for Kindergarten. This Mama is free and clear to eat big, lift big, study my ten-oh-ones and generally raise a ruckus in life.

I started at the Prime Chophouse and Wine bar at the beginning of September, followed my love Tavis from Crown. He was our bar supervisor at CI and when he gave his notice I was crushed. He had me an interview in a week. I've reunited with my former employees from Crown like my lovely friend Holly a.k.a "Wiener dog girl" as marlin calls her, and Wes. I really love it down there, despite it being a brand new restaurant and hitting any foreseeable bumps that comes with the territory. It's so classy, feels like a brand new keg. Rick says "Welcome to the scene" and it's true, it's the towns new hot spot.

I'm staying at Crown two nights a week, though. It's my comfort zone and instead of quitting my job to start a new one, which is usually my yearly style, I'd like to stay on thru the slow winter because as a golf community I know the spring/summer/fall is off the hook. And I adore the kitchen.

In fire we have moved backwards a bit and are studying Module 3 which is ladders and ropes. More than half way to our Quals! Ten oh ones in sight. Exhilarating! We are skilled enough now to make most trucks and play a role in the brotherhood. Starting to picture our new black bunker gear and helmet. Last night Britts and I went to a career information seminar hosted by Vancouver Fire & Rescue which put into perspective how well trained our Comox fire fighters are. As a JIBC affiliated site we produce top notch ffs which are what VFRS is looking for. We come out with all of the relevant Quals and are known from coming from a well run and educated dept. On the other hand, white males flood the grid and they are looking for minority and females. The career package is unbelievable, worth a relocation to Van, that's for sure. This time next year I will have my hiring portfolio built and ready to face them with my 1001s, class 3/air, FR3 and hopefully my EMR. So focused!

My lil buddy Britt was on the news last night!

She's going for an interview and aptitude test for BCAS as dispatch!!! I'm so proud of her. Despite being the best server in the world, I'm going to apply to a Life Support patient transfer care company because my latest dream is to ride in helicopters! Why not. Life is getting what you give. Dream big, work hard and for effs sakes SMILE!

XOXOX Gym time. Squats, clean & press and deadlifts + 3km run. That's all.

Double calls clears the hall

Britts to a brush fire and me to a 60ft mulch fire!! Long, dirty, sweaty night for these firefighters.

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Back to school v.12

Shoes bought, hairs cut, snacks organized, outfits co-ordinated. Special shutouts to Value Villages 50% off day, Zellers coding put sale and various friends for awesome handmedowns. As the Momma I made out like a bandit with my mad cash saving skills and our recycling and up cycling m.o.

Shelbs comes out as the most expensive kid with Nike high tops and a new laptop.

Kat comes in as cheapest with second hand boots!

Shelbey into his second year of middle school, Kat starting her first. Indy into grade 2 of French Immersion and finally!!!!! Sweet freedom; finally Marlin heads into full day Kindergarden at French Immersion.

The gym, fire study, projects, planning our life! I am tickled. Full days sans the Turk.

I'm bout to sell these kids to gypsys!

cuts for kidsCollapse )


BC day parade!

Recruit class rocking E34! Love my team.

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Vert vent is bad and this is why

As drawn by my Training officer.

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Excellent comments during blue jays game

"Are they gonna pull the goalie?"
" you know what we need, John Raush"
" why do we have so many players who's names start with e? Like Escobar, encarnacion and errencibia..."
"and that is how they coined the term "dropped the ball"

Hahaha Adam has had enough of me. Oakland for the win in the 11th? 12th? I'm going to bed.

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Protectors of the city!

Lol :) with an email like that, how can I say no?!

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Happy birthday beautiful ...

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Recent training

START (Search Training and Rescue Technique), I look like I fell down the stairs. Denver Drill, simulated collapse and repelling down an 1 1/2" hose. Had to wear an old Scott since for the later afternoon, super heavy and awkward.

Fun times in the old firehall. Us girls were the team leaders.


Code 3 Grind 2012

Tuesday night was our annual Code 3 Grind testing. Everyone in the Dept. must do this in under 5 min, unless they are over 50, they get an extra minute per ten years after.
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Livejournals function and purpose

I've had this LJ for a long time, made a lot of awesome friends and had some really good times. Through it I've slung words without enough thought, shared my most precious moments and laughed till I cried. I miss it, but I know it will never be the same in the era of FB, twitter, ect. My favorite these days is Pinterest since it's so visual and positive.

I don't want to give up my journal, I cherish what's been written to date, the best and the death of my first marriage, the birth of my two youngest children, my beautiful wedding to my soul mate. Heartache, tears, joy and progress in this lifetime.

I am reading an awesome book right now called "The Mother I carry" by Louise M. Wisechild. It's not for everybody, it is a true story based on recovering from parental abuse, but it's given me a unique perspective I've not ever considered before. The self propelled examination of your own memories for longevity and preservation. If I am motivated to do so, I can sink into the "house" of my inner mind and recall certain times, events, people in my past. PTSD from growing up as a neglected, abused and molested child, I've created huge holes of darkness in which I don't recall my childhood as I should. Slow and gentle recreation of details in my minds eye helps me to remember the bad, the good but to also sooth the wounded child inside me.

Working through this is amazing! I carry this huge rock on my shoulders (literally had recurrent nightmares about being crushed by this boulder as a child). A "chip" so destructive that I have been a "victim" all of my life, expecting to always be this victim. Finally becoming so disgusted with my Mothers role as solely most important victim ever, I finally have committed to learn how to STOP being a victim and recognize the strong, capable woman inside.

It's not happening overnight, but I'm starting to cherish a twenty minute daily journey into my past. Eyes closed, drumming up familiar scents, faces, sounds. This child, from this part of my life forward, will be loved and honored, and fed.... kept safe and sound and nourished even if I have to recreate my own beautiful childhood memories out of the little threads of good that I can dig up.

This state of mind reminds me to be patient, caring and loving with my own children. Remembering the needs of the child in my mind helps me to be a better Mother.

If you have struggled with PTSD or a tumultuous upbringing, get help. you can't do it on your own. The inner mind can do awful things to you, your body and your life. Ask for help and try to heal over time. There is still hope.

Love is the answer, even if it's to that lonely child in 1982.

Long story short I'm looking forward to using this journal from here on in, to capture a little bit of this journey. As you now know, I am a firefighter and a first responder. I'd appreciate it, if you know me in real life, if you could find a way to share this journal with my husband or other trusted individual (Shelbey?) if I were to not return to my family in my line of duty.

Love and cherish each other, life is too short.

May. 22nd, 2012

Five day weekend at work and I am so gassed today. Code 3 grind tonight for black platoon and I'm out of coffee!!!

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May. 2nd, 2012

Nothing like a 3am call to see a naked old dude with a nosebleed.

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OOH good thing:

Passed Mod #1. After 6 months learning First Responder and OFA Level 3, it feels SO good be to wearing turnouts and SCBAs!

god money, I'll do anything for you...

Every once in a while, a day like today sneaks up on me. A lonely day. A day where grief sits in the pit of my stomach and rots. The past is over, the future is beautiful and life is so, so good. Life is so lovely. So why the grief?

My pager hasn't gone off for my dept in 2 days! Bizarre. Stars are amiss? Planets misaligned? I feel like there is something happening here, but cannot put my finger on it.

It's spring, time to bury the grief in soil and let it grow into a beautiful ray of sunsine.

Ps LP tickets go on sale tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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